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Cable Ties Express is your online cable tie headquarters! Our tremendous, wide-ranging selection of superior quality cable ties and cable tie accessories offers a highly reliable cable management system for virtually any cable bundling or wire organization project! All of the cable ties and wire/cable organizer solutions available in our current inventory are offered in a wide array of convenient styles, sizes and colors to easily and efficiently meet the needs of any wire and cable management application! More...
Heat Shrink Tubing
Heat shrink tubing is an ideal solution for covering and protecting a broad assortment of wires and cables in a wide range of environments against mechanical
damage, abrasion, and other potentially harmful environmental factors. Our full inventory of top quality heat shrink tubing products and wiring accessories
offers a vast range of shrink tube options to
effectively meet all of your cable and wire protection needs for virtually any wire or cable management application. More...
Wire Management & Protection
Effectively and efficiently organize and protect a wide variety of cable and wire assemblies from potential damage in an extensive range of cable and wire management applications with these highly durable
and easy-to-utilize cable management, wire organization and wire protection products and accessories. More...
Electrical Tape
An exceptionally versatile and highly reliable electrical wiring accessory that anyone working with wires and cables should always have on-hand, our full inventory of electrical tape offers a tremendous selection of high quality options, including black electric tape and colored electrical tape, to effectively meet the needs of a wide assortment of electrical cable and wiring applications including both residential and commercial wiring and cable management uses.More...
Wire Terminals &  Wire Connectors
Our expansive inventory of top quality wire connectors and solderless wire terminals includes a broad range of highly effective wiring connector solutions including electrical connectors, butt connectors, cable connectors, crimp connectors, high temperature wire connectors and much more that are ideal for use in a wide assortment of wire and cable management applications. More...
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