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Flag cable ties are the perfect ID cable tie solution for highly effective use in a broad range of cable bundling and wire identification applications-making virtually any job a fast, easy, and efficient process each and every time!

These versatile, durable, exceptionally reliable flag identification cable ties make keeping all of your cable and wire assemblies secure and well organized at all times simple and hassle-free! From the thinnest of electronic computer and stereo wire to extra heavy-duty cables, these easily utilized nylon flag ID cable ties rapidly bind with a vast array of cable sizes and wire types.

Each of these flag cable ties comes equipped with a convenient ID flag that is large enough to easily accommodate the hand writing or imprinting of assembly numbers and other vital wire identification information. Available in natural color only and in quantities of either 100 or 1000 ID flag cable ties per package, these superior quality nylon cable ties make for quick, easy and uncomplicated cable and wire bundling and identification!

Request a quote for flag cable ties now! For more information on our current inventory of ID cable ties, or any of the other cable and wire management solutions available here at CableTiesExpress, simply contact us toll-free at 866-273-0190 to speak with an experienced ID flag cable tie expert!

Flag Cable Ties

 Part # Length Width Bundle
Loop Tensile
Inch mm Inch mm
4.00 102.00 .100 2.540 1/16 - 5/8 18 lb. N/A Natural
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